An introduction to the discovery and colonization of the america

All of the colonies, except Cuba and Puerto Rico, attained independence by the s. Spanish American wars of independence Spanish colonialization in the Americas.

The uninhabited peninsula they selected was upriver and out of sight of Spanish patrols. He eventually arrived at Santa Domingo on the island of Hispaniola on August 19, The Spanish explorers encountered three major civilizations in the New World: Despite all the conflicts, in certain ways the Indians benefited from the contact with the Europeans.

His plans were rejected by their board of advisors but after reconsideration and seven year's time, they were accepted by Ferdinand and Isabella in April About ten years later another trading company, the West India Company, settled groups of colonists on Manhattan Island and at Fort Orange.

colonization of the Americas

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Forest Service estimate, almost all of the Uncompahgre Plateau would no longer be able to sustain growth of new aspen and spruce, meaning that the plateau could be virtually aspen- and spruce-free by century's end after the remaining trees die. The Norse explorer Eric the Red traveled through Greenland and founded a settlement around the year Some settlers came to America for religious freedom, to be able to practice their faith as they wished.

These settlements drew from both African and Native slaves, and despite frequent attacks, several endured throughout the long history of Brazilian slavery. In contrast,English went to the Chesapeake, and only 85, white colonists remained in Certainly Indian tribes fought over the use of land on which to hunt or fish or even practice agriculture, though the agricultural tribes tended to be less warlike than hunting tribes.

Such individual ownership of a section of land was completely alien to the Indian way of thinking. This voyage resulted in the discovery of Trinidad and Margarita.

Those who could not face those odds stayed home. Powhatan, or Wahunsenacawh, as he called himself, led nearly ten thousand Algonquian-speaking Indians in the Chesapeake. Although the Dutch offered liberties, they offered very little democracy—power remained in the hands of only a few.

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Sir Humphrey Gilbert labored throughout the late sixteenth century to establish a colony in Newfoundland but failed.


Spanish settlers drove cattle eastward across the St.The Discovery of America: The Spanish and Portuguese The first explorations and conquests were made by the Spanish and the Portuguese. Ina Spanish expedition lead by Christopher Columbus sailed to the continent America and introduced the New World to the Western World of that time.

Feb 15,  · The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States.

Exploration of North America

The Peopling of North America Portugal and Spain, having launched the so-called Age of Discovery at the end of the fifteenth century, laid claim to most of what is today Central and South America.

The British, and others from northern Europe, were latecomers to the imperial contest. The overseas expansion under the Crown of Castile was initiated under the royal authority and first accomplished by the Spanish Americas were incorporated into the Spanish Empire, with the exception of Brazil, Canada, and several other small countries in South America and The crown created civil and religious structures to administer the region.

Introduction to American Colonial History The joint stock companies hoped that by investing in colonial enterprises they might get rich quick through the discovery and mining of gold and silver.

History of the Americas

But the colonists quickly discovered, sometimes more rapidly than their proprietors, that the real gold in America was the land—land that. Unit 3: Washington D.C. Trip 3 days SS, SS, SS, SS Objectives Methods Resources Assessment The students will • visualize the US.

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An introduction to the discovery and colonization of the america
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